Monday, 11 December 2017

Data Never Sleeps 5.0

Following on from last year, Domo has once more published internet consumption / generation / creation data by the minute. The sum of digital creativity produced every sixty seconds on the planet is staggering - and continues to increase annually.

For example, YouTube viewers watched over 4 million videos in a minute this year; while last year watched 300 hours per minute, and two years ago 72. This year, 456,000 tweets sent in a minute, compared to 347,222 in 2016 and 277,000 in 2015. Pinterest pins don't feature this year, yet last year, 9,722 items were pinned per minute, and two years ago 3,472.  

Here is Domo's video of the process:
To view Domo's infographic in full, click here.

What is interesting this year is that, this year, the internet has started to permeate the real world. Domo is now documenting Gbs of data consumed, texts sent, spam email and Uber trips taken.

I think we are finally starting to see the effects of The Internet of Things in real time.


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