Monday, 18 March 2019

SurveyMonkey word cloud

This year, SurveyMonkey introduced a word cloud feature that helps researchers to see any similarity in the text responses to open-ended survey questions.

What is more, it is easy to use. Simply go to a text question you want to analyse this way, then click on the tab immediately after the "Responses (xxx)" tab that says "Word cloud". You can adjust colour, frequency etc, then export the resulting cloud as a .png file, save it on your survey dashboard, or both.

We need at least five survey results to be able to generate a word cloud. SurveyMonkey's word cloud algorithm automatically excludes a number of words which are unlikely to be useful in our results:
a, about, above, after, again, against, all, am, an, and, any, are, aren't, as, at, be, because, been, before, being, below, between, both, but, by, can, can't, cannot, com, could, couldn't, did, didn't, do, does, doesn't, doing, don't, down, during, each, else, ever, few, for, from, further, get, had, hadn't, has, hasn't, have, haven't, having, he, he'd, he'll, he's, her, here, here's, hers, herself, him, himself, his, how, how's, http, I, I'd, I'll, I'm, I've, if, in, into, is, isn't, it, it's, its, itself, just, k, let's, like, me, more, most, mustn't, my, myself, no, nor, not, of, off, on, once, only, or, other, ought, our, ours, ourselves, out, over, own, r, same, shall, shan't, she, she'd, she'll, she's, should, shouldn't, so, some, such, than, that, that's, the, their, theirs, them, themselves, then, there, there's, these, they, they'd, they'll, they're, they've, this, those, through, to, too, under, until, up, very, was, wasn't, we, we'd, we'll, we're, we've, were, weren't, what, what's, when, when's, where, where's, which, while, who, who's, whom, why, why's, with, won't, would, wouldn't, www, you, you'd, you'll, you're, you've, your, yours, yourself, yourselves.
Once we have created the word cloud, we simply save it, choose the format, then we can download it. While I am sure at higher levels the functionality will be much more whizzy-do, it is not bad at the bottom end either :-D


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