Monday, 13 May 2019

Choking on a Windows 10 update

Late last year I had a problem with my laptop, which was choking on a Windows 10 update. The update was bigger than the remaining space on my drive, so kept crashing the machine. I would start the laptop up, and providing I stayed off the internet, it would keep working. As soon as I was connected, it would crash: maybe every two minutes, maybe every 30 seconds.

Worse, I was away, and my laptop was my only means of doing work.

It took me a while to realise that having an internet connection had anything to do with what was going on though. Then I had the frustrating job of hoping that I could log on for long enough to be able to turn off the WiFi.

Once that was done, then I had to search for what was actually going on. One of the key diagnostic tools I used was the freeware Mini-Update Tool(which you can download from here*). I read about this software on TechRepublic, in a column by Michael Kaelin (11 December 2018).

Why? Well, in Michael's words, "Microsoft has gone out of its way to make an update process for Windows 10 that is as automated, as seamless, and as painless for users as is possible. For the most part, they have been successful at this endeavor. However, occasionally, something goes wrong, an update fails, and users get frustrated, and even angry" (11 December 2018). I could testify to that. I was ready to throw in the towel and buy a new laptop.

He continued, the Mini-Update Tool "can reveal more detailed information about the update process and provide the tools necessary to completely self-manage Windows 10 updates".

Well. I installed the software, connected to the internet, and found the problem. The Windows update was bigger than the remaining space on my HDD. I had a ridiculous 87Gb - yes, eighty seven gigabyte - download choking the system. 

So I changed a few settings, and now Windows can no longer update my laptop (see how to to that here).  From now on, I will chose when - and what - to update. 

Back to old school computing.



* to download Mini-Update Tool click the "Download Now" part of the breadcrumb trail on the page: MajorGeeks.Com » System Tools » Windows Update » Windows Update MiniTool 20.12.2016 » Download Now

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