Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Adobe Acrobat licencing error

I have had a problem on my laptop of my Adobe Acrobat reporting a licencing error. I thought I had solved it, then on a restart, found the issue was still live. I would start Acrobat, then a message box would appear with the heading "The licencing for this product has stopped working", and an explanation "You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair this product by uninstalling and reinstalling this product or contacting your IT Administrator or Adobe customer support for help" and "(143:4)". I had already reinstalled the product, which had only stopped the error until I rebooted the system. 

On googling the issue, I found this is an old problem. However, it obviously still an active one. Luckily for me, there is a fairly simple fix.

Go to the bottom of the Adobe page here, and download the Windows version of the Adobe software licencing repairer (, then follow these instructions:

  • Close ALL Adobe applications
  • Extract the download using Winzip
  • In the folder LicenseRecovery109, open the sub folder LicenceRecovery 
  • Doubleclick the file LicenseRecovery.exe 
  • A DOS window will open (see image with this post)
  • Confirm whether you want to run the tool in English by keying 'e'. Enter.
  • Key 'n' to run the tool (as you have already exited any Adobe products). Enter.
  • Wait for the product to run.

All should be good.


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