Friday, 26 July 2019

Opening DJVU files

If you have ever been sent a DJVU file, and not known what to do with it, then these instructions will help.

A DJVU file was developed by US communications company, AT&T. It is a file compression format like .zip, to send and store high-resolution scans of publishable web material, such as books and magazines (File Info, n.d.). Images can be sent at publisher-quality (Wikihow, 29 March 2019). The name DJVU is short for "déjà vu" - meaning I have experienced what is happening now, before.

To open DJVU files, you need a web browser plugin or a standalone viewer (both the plugin and the viewer software are downloaded together). You can download both elements here (Cuminas, n.d.).

So see how to install the DJVU Viewer software, either go to here, or read below (Wikihow, 29 March 2019):
  • Go here and download the software (NB: a Japanese site,with English instructions)
  • Accept the licence agreement pop up in the web browser to download.
  • Once downloaded, click run. Accept the EULA.
  • Follow the install steps. For images check out Wikihow (29 March 2019)
  • Double-click your DJVU file, and it will automatically open in the software.
  • You can print to pdf from within the file if you have an Acrobat distiller (printer driver) installed with Adobe Acrobat.
Easy when you know how :-)



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