Wednesday, 21 August 2019

CERIC's Guiding Principles

CERIC (2019b)
Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC), the Canadian career development body, has a set of guiding principles, which were outlined in a lovely, colourful infographic packed full of wonderful Canadian cultural references earlier this year (2019b) as follows:
  1. Career development is a lifelong process of blending and managing paid and unpaid activities: learning (education), work (employment, entrepreneurship), volunteerism and leisure time.
  2. Career development entails determining interests, beliefs, values, skills and competencies - and connecting those with market needs.
  3. career development involves understanding options, navigating with purpose, and making informed choices.
  4. Career development should be self-directed: an individual is responsible for his or her own career, but is not alone - we all influence and are influenced by our environment.
  5. Career development is often supported and shaped by educators, family, peers, managers and the greater community.
  6. Career development means making the most of talent and potential, however you define growth and success - not necessarily linear advancement.
  7. Career development can be complex and complicated, so context is key - there may be both internal constraints (financial, cultural, health) or external constraints open bracket labour market, technology).
  8. Career development is dynamic, evolving and requires continuous adaptation and resilience through multiple transitions.
However, CERIC have now released the evidence background to support their eight guiding principles of career development infographic (2019a). Drawing on almost 60 pieces of evidence, the booklet produced shows how each of the guiding principles is underpinned by research, embedded in cultural understanding, and builds on global best practice in career development. 

Both the infographic and the evidential background are incredibly useful. if you haven't already seen this, check it out. It will aid all our practice.




  1. Thanks so much for sharing CERIC's Guiding Principles of Career Development, Sam! We'll also be producing 6 Action Plans this fall to support career practitioners in applying the Guiding Principles in their work with different client groups. So stay tuned...

  2. Thanks so much, the CERIC team! I will be waiting to hear about that!


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