Wednesday, 28 August 2019

History: Chrome's missing more menu

When we have 'too many' tabs open, Google Chrome can sometimes stop showing the "more" menu, that little drop down menu which shows at the top right-hand corner of our browser window "...". 

I discovered this when trying to access my history, while doing some research. I needed a tab that I had recently closed. Damn that premature closing of tabs! 

However, there is an easy work around: simply key chrome://history/ in our Chrome address bar, then we can access our in-browser history. To reopen a particular page, simply click on the main part of the particular page name, and it will open in a new tab. 

If this is something we strike often, we can also save our history link - or any of the other Chrome function links as a bookmark. 

Another tiny fix to help us work more effectively :-)


  • NB: also be aware that when there is a new Chrome download, our menu icon may be replaced with a green down arrow to show us that have an update. 

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