Friday, 9 August 2019

YouTube viewing history

When researching a blog post I needed to find my YouTube viewing history. I felt certain that there would be an easy way to do it somewhere, but was unable to find a magic link that said "history" in YouTube!

So - of course - I googled "how do I find out what I have recently watched on YouTube". Unfortunately the 'how to' instructions which appeared were old, and no longer applied to the current versions of YouTube. Back to google, and after limiting my time to the past year I found a workable answer.

Part of the problem is that our YouTube viewing history it is not where we would expect it to be: it is in Google's Support function. We can find our YouTube history as follows:
  • Log in to Google
  • Go on
  • Click on the YouTube link under Today
  • Our YouTube watched clips will appear for today, with previous days listed below that.
Not the most obvious way of finding our history, but at least we can find it.


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