Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 error

I use a piece of freeware, Microsoft Expression Encoder, to record my screen when I am doing voice-over PowerPoint or similar that I want to upload to YouTube. I record this way because I share the videos with my students. I like the software because it is very simple, and easy to use.

However, Microsoft decided this piece of kit was no longer essential at the end of Windows 7 (of course: we all know that Microsoft is rubbish at consulting with customers to find out what they actually use). However, a number of expert users provided advice on how to make this piece of software work in Windows 10. Yay!

Then, in the middle of this year, there was a Windows 10 software update. The first time I went to use Expression Encoder after that, I was told that my account was limited to recording a maximum of 10 minutes. In all the time I had been using the software, there had never been a time limitation.

So I went hunting on Google for the problem, and a solution.

I found that there are two parts to the issue. The first part is that you need to ensure that service pack 2 for Expression Encoder is installed. We can download the second service pack here (Microsoft, n.d.). The second part is that we may need to install a code key, which can be retrieved from the notes under the YouTube clip here (Calhoun, 13 May 2011).

The process that worked for me is as follows:

  1. Download the service pack, and install. Shut down.
  2. Restart and open Expression Encoder. Try recording, and see if a message appears suggesting that the software has been time-limited. if the message does appear, go to the video by Calhoun (13 May 2011), and copy the code.
  3. Go back to the main Expression Encoder programme (NOT the small Expression Encoder recorder programme), and go to Help | Enter Product Key. Enter the code. Shut down.
  4. Restart.

Everything should now work just fine. 



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