Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Unable to connect to WiFi

A number of times I have been unable to connect to the WiFi in hotels or at conferences, despite all help offered. I have had problems on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and on my Acer Aspire laptop. Even worse, when I was trying to connect, my laptop wouldn't even spawn the ubiquitous "terms and conditions page" for the WiFi network I was trying to connect to.

When you don't know - or have only the haziest idea of - what is going on in the background, when WiFi doesn't connect we are lost. We simply rinse repeat in the hope that the magic will work this time... or at least I do, anyway!

Then, I got a great tip from an IT person: open your browser, and key "" into the address bar, as if it is the URL. Click the button in the middle of the page ("Logout - Click to disconnect from the internet"). This does something in the background, and - whatever it does - this process seems to either reset or to allow the login process to resume.

Try that if all else fails. 


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