Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Using Google Photos images in blog posts... doesn't work

If, like me, you use Google photos to store your images, you may have wondered how to send, or to reuse photos elsewhere online. 

It has taken me some time to get around to investigating how to do this: I assumed there would be something obvious. However, it is not obvious.

Initially I thought it would be a simple matter of opening the image that we want to link in Google photos, so that it fills the screen (as illustrated). Right click on the image, and, from the right-click pop-up menu, we select "Copy image address". Then I thought we would be able to go to wherever we want to use the image and Ctrl & V to paste the URL: in Facebook, LinkedIn ...or wherever. 

I thought that then all we would have to do is to include the image in a blog post would be - in the blog edit mode to click on the image icon, and under the Add images dialogue box, select "From a URL", and key Ctrl & V to paste the URL into the field provided.

But no. While WE can see those images, others can't. Then I thought it would be a simple matter of creating a shared album. But, while you can create an album, add images and set the album to be shared, that doesn't seem to work either. You seem to have to add another google account user to share the album, then use a shared link for each individual image, and, taking the link that would have been emailed to the 'other' google user, use that link to share each image in our blog in the "From a URL" field. 

The sharing of each individual image palaver - and the attendant logging into a second google account to get the 'other' gmail link - is probably more time consuming than downloading the google image to our PC, and re-uploading it to the blog. 

If someone else knows how to make google photos public and easily linkable in a blog, let me know! It seems ridiculous not to be able to link within the cloud.



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