Friday, 7 February 2020

APA supplemental resources

I have been awaiting the new edition of the APA publication guide (7th edition), which was finally out in October 2019, seven years after the 6th edition trundled out in 2012. I have been going through my lovely new ring-bound copy, and am finding it very good. It is now in colour, with each section being colour-coded: not too shabby!

The ring-bound version which I have was not too pricey to purchase, and it came with convenient colour-coded tabs for each colour-coded section. Very handy to find things in a hurry. 

In addition, I have also been most impressed by the number and quality of the supplementary materials available online at the APAStyle Blog. In particular in the bias chapter there is a great discussion on gender and pronouns which will be very useful for our international students (here), and a section on how to describe the age of participants (here). However, APA still insist on giving people "Surnames", and "Given" names, rather than family names and first names. Perhaps we will see a more multi-cultural change there by 8e.

APA 7e seems pretty good. While there are still elements of APA that I don't agree with (mainly as APA is so US-centric, elements like date order etc has to be done US-style), once we get our heads around it, I think it will be a vast improvement on 6e. 



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