Monday, 18 May 2020

Google Chrome shortcuts

We can forget sometimes that there are a number of ways to do things: hangovers from the time before computer mice, when the keyboard was king. I am talking about the world of the hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts.

I was reminded of some of those handy little tricks the other day, as I have been having sudden PC shutdowns. Luckily, Chrome remembers what we have had open, and we can simply go back into our history, and reopen those tabs that we had open before everything went black.

However, there is also a shortcut to do the same thing, once Chrome is open, simply key Shift, Ctrl & T, and you will reopen the Chrome tabs which were last open.

If we want to close our currently open tab, then we can key Ctrl & W. To open it again, simply key Shift, Ctrl & T again (if we keep using this command, it will reopen all our tabs in the order that we closed them).

To open a new tab and go to it, key Ctrl & T. To go to the right-most tab, key Ctrl & 9.  To open a new window, Ctrl & N.

There is a full list of Google Chrome shortcuts here.



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