Monday, 8 June 2020

Deleting autofill dates in Chrome

For some time now I have had a list of half a dozen dates which pop up on a website I visit. Some of those dates are now five years old, so they were no longer helpful, but a hindrance to getting the job done.

I had tried using the delete key while hovering over a date, but it hadn't worked. I had tried backspace. Nope.

When the problem annoyed me enough, and I had five minutes, I would run a Google search on how to fix it. I had tried clearing the cache for that specific site (didn't work). I had tried doing a hard reload on the page (didn't work). I had tried doing both together (didn't work). I had tried emptying cookies (didn't work). I had tried doing all three together (didn't work).

Then at last - slow learner - I realised that the problem was autofill. So I tried going to autofill in the Chrome settings (chrome://settings/autofill), but could find nothing specific there that would help me: my addresses are up to date; my passwords are managed as I want to manage them, and there was really nothing else helpful. Most of the fixes were about turning autofill on, or off. I didn't want to do either: I just wanted to get rid of what looked like half a dozen stubborn date entries.

At last I stumbled over a post on OSXDaily about "How to Delete Specific Chrome Autofill Suggestions" (20 July 2018), which told me that all I needed to do was to right click on each entry and SHIFT delete. Doh!

What was even more interesting was that all the dates I had selected in this form in the past were also still there. There was a whole lot of Shift Deleting going on. Done now though.

And now I only need to go through those six entries which show every half dozen times I use the site, and Shift & Delete them away.

Easy when you know how.


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