Wednesday, 27 July 2022

Turning Calibre ePubs into pdfs

I have written about the freeware ebook reader, Calibre before (read here). But I have not yet mentioned that this piece of kit can also convert our ebook formats from ePub or mobi to pdf files. However, Calibre's default settings don't provide a tidy result: for example, the margins are set to be too narrow; the page format way too short, and the font size is too large. A few tweaks, as advised by Rohde (2015) below, will give us a much more readable result.

The instructions are (Rohde, 2015):

  1. Open Calibre and select the file
  2. Right click, select Convert Books | Convert Individually
  3. Change the output to PDF on the top right corner of the screen. Go to ‘Page Setup’ tab and change all margins to 75 pt


  4. Go to ‘PDF Output’ and set the following settings


Now we simply click "OK", and we are done. Click on pdf under the format for the file type in the right-hand detail side bar to open our brand new pdf. 

Thanks to Max Rohde for the tip!



Rohde, M. (28 January 2015). Rendering Beautiful PDF Documents with Calibre.

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