Friday, 13 December 2013

iTunes "Grr" fixed: how to select all items in a playlist

I don't know about you, but iTunes usually works stupendously well. Until it doesn't. And then trying to find a work around can be like trying to buy consumer goods in Russia under communism: you can't get there from here.

So when I updated iTunes and all my "include in playlist" checks against my 2000 listed songs were unticked, I had a bit of a moment. I could find no way of reticking all of them at once, and I feared that there were 2000 individual ticks ahead of me.

See what I mean by "Grr"?

Of course, as every tech-headache sufferer, I headed off to Google to find an answer. And found one, I did. Thank you so much, Steve Taylor. You made my day.

To turn back on all unticked items in iTunes, you do this:
  1. Select Song view. If the checked column is not showing then Ctrl + B to show the Top Menu and select View > View Options 
  2. Select checked [mine reads "ticked"] as the field to add it should be about the fifth entry in the list.
  3. This will put the new column in the Songs view.
  4. Select one song
  5. Ctrl + A to select all
  6. Right mouse click and select Check selection [mine reads "Tick selection"].
  7. Then all the songs should get checked.
  8. Sync to your Ipod. Job done
But wait, there's more. If you can see your selection column, you can also just Ctrl-click on an empty check box. That ticks all items as well :-)


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