Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bill George, former Medtronic CEO on Capitalism

Bill George is a revolutionary CEO. Egalitarian, visionary and culture-oriented. When Bill became CEO of Medtronic in 1989, it was a USD$1b pacemaker company. By 2002, Medtronic was a USD$63b cardiovascular, neurological, and drug-delivery product company with global sales of USD$5b.

Bill and his leadership team realigned the company via a mission statement of "restoring people to full life and health". Bill built a positive, open and questioning team-oriented culture which promoted adaptability, innovation and learning.

This is a man who not only knows how to lead in a very modern way, he knows how to teach it as well. He has been a Harvard professor. So now settle down and hear what he has to say about how we should manage shareholder value and shareholder expectations in organisations.

  • Reference: George, Bill (December 2013). Bill George on rethinking capitalism. Retrieved 11 December 2013 from


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