Thursday, 10 July 2014

Tips for Easier Working

I have been thinking about various little tips an hints for making work in the 21st Century easier.

For example, did you know that if you charge your phone when it is in flight mode, it recharges far more quickly? Logical, I know, when you stop to think about it (but how many of us do that? And thanks Debbie Mayo-Smith for that one!). Here are a few more:
  1. You can move forward and back frame by frame in a Youtube clip by keying K to pause, then keying either J (back) or L (forward). Key F for fullscreen, and M to mute. Key numbers 0-9 to take you to the beginning (0), or 90% of the way through (9).
  2. When taking something small and fiddy to pieces, use an ice cube tray to hold the bits until you are finished.
  3. When sending a new email, don't fill the “To” field email address until you have proofed the email body, and know you have said what you want to say clearly, and without errors. Oh, and being sure you have added that attachment!
  4. On a PC, to see the desktop, type D and the Windows key. All open sessions will minimise.
  5. When travelling, if you leave home without your laptop but need to charge something using a USB cable, check the TV in your hotel. It may have a USB port that you can plug into.
  6. And apparently (according to Dan Pink) you are less likely to catch a cold on a plane if, once you board & have buckled up, you clean your hands with hand sanitiser, then rub some Bacitracin antibiotic cream up each nostril ...then resanitise your hands (I have done this myself, but using Vicks First Defense instead of Bacitracin, which worked brilliantly. Then they took it off the market. Of course). And don't neglect to sanitise your tray table and seat belt buckle; they very rarely get cleaned.
Hope this makes work easier for you!



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