Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Keep a blogroll post always at the top

My website is based on a Blogger Blog, and the tools I use to create and maintain my website is all based on shared code that the Google Blogger community creates. I am so grateful for all those bloggers out there who put their time and energy into building, testing and problem-solving coding issues.

They rock!

The wonderful thing is, that when you have a new need for your site, you can go out there, pop your search string into Google, and get an answer back. Just like magic.

Earlier this year, I created a summary page for my blog posts, and took my website's landing page (my home page) off my website index. I then created a page of blog summaries, because I wanted people to focus on the blog posts. What I did instead was to create a "welcome" post that sits at the top of my blogroll.

For some time I have been looking for an easy method to keep my "welcome" post at the top of the blogroll list. I assumed that I would need code to do that, so, as I have had time, and as the need drifted back to top of mind, I have been searching for "Code to keep a blogger blog post always at the top".

Today I finally found my answer. I learned how to set a Blogger blog post to be always on top. I hadn't realised that it was so easy.

Posted by Matt Koble way back in 2012, I don't know how many times in my search I had missed his "How to Set a Post Always on Top in Blogger" as a solution.

I probably hadn't read it as it didn't include anything about code. Unfortunate really, as Matt had come up with a simple and elegant method of keeping a post on top: changing the publication year. Wow: how simple is that?!

All you do is to in to edit the post's date. In the right-hand panel, a third of the way down the post's page, click the heading "Published On" to expand the options.

Tick the "Set date and time" option, then move the date ahead by a year. That buys you a year's worth of no-reset. You could go further into the future, but a year is probably enough time to then remind you to review the post's content.

Then "Save" the post, then "Publish".

If you go and check your post online now, you will see that the post's date has changed to the future date, but the post is still visible, and stays doggedly at the top of the page until the year passes.

Then review the content and repeat.

And there you have it: that has got to be the easiest fix that I have ever had to organise!

NB: DON'T click the "Revert to Draft" from the post option buttons at the top right of the page, otherwise the new date won't post UNTIL your one-year-in-the-future date arrives.


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