Monday, 7 March 2016

Searching for people on LinkedIn

If you are like me and want to search for fellow travellers within groups you are a member of on LinkedIn, then you will have found that LinkedIn's general search function is fairly rubbish.

However, there is a better way to find and filter group member searches. Following is a great How To tip by Nick Manarangi ( on search:

I hope that makes your life easier!

  • Reference: Manarangi, Nicholas (16 November 2015). How to use #Linkedin to Search in Groups 2015. Retrieved 12 January 2016 from


  1. Hey Sam, thanks for sharing this. I think I need to make another one as LinkedIn has changed lots since last year, I have more content at cheers

  2. Thanks Nick - no worries. Do you have a suggestion for a replacement video clip?

  3. Actually it's fine as this feature is still present in LI. I did read recently that Microsoft will be turning off Groups as the majority have very little engagement. I have to agree actually, all of the groups I'm still in have mostly people trying to sell things. let's see.. Just one adjustment if you can please can you link my name in the description to my website? 'Following is a great How To tip by Nick Manarangi( ) on search' - Thanks again for sharing


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