Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How do I check my external Hard Drive?

There is nothing worse than having an external hard drive which has problems.

I transfer all of my NMIT files back and forth using a memory stick (thumb drive). Every now and again there seems to be a problem on the memory stick which needs some kind of recovery treatment.

It is very easy to run a CHKDSK function on a PC, but it is slightly more complicated to run this on an external hard drive. So I thought I would show you how to do it.

Go to the Windows start button, and in the search programs box, enter the command prompt:
This will open the administrators DOS box (ha ha, just when you thought you'd left DOS behind forever).

Regardless of what place in your PC hard drive directory this has taken you to, enter:
chkdsk /f X:
...but replace the "X" with the letter of your external hard drive.

The search will run, and repair any errors.

So easy when you know how!


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