Monday, 16 May 2016

Own Poster: Back Down & Front Up

Being a little dyslexic, remembering 'normal' patterns often does not come naturally. 

For example, to remember left and right, I have to put both my hands down palm-down on my thighs with my thumbs out at right angles, and the one that I think looks most like an 'L' is the left hand. 

You can imagine that, if I am driving and someone says "Turn left here", statistically I will get it wrong 50% of the time, because it is very hard to take your hands off the steering wheel and check. In reality, I have either missed the turn by the time I have managed to work it out, or I over-think it, and go right. Most friends and family tell me "other left" as a matter of course.

(It was always very relaxing to drive with a friend of mine who was also dyslexic: she would simply point. SOOO much easier).

Another pattern I have a problem with remembering is which side of the chain loop to pull with blinds to make them open or close. 

As usual, I created my own solution: a little mantra which I recite to help my 'remembering'. Back down, front up. 

It reminded me of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster.

So I created my own poster :-)


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