Friday, 27 May 2016

Keeping up in the Management field

On Forbes earlier this year, an article by Matt Symonds explored some ideas for keeping up in the management field.

I found it interesting that Matt's first port of call was HBR. 

While I do check in with HBR, it is only one of my 'stops' on my management commute each month. 

I get tweets from The Economist, am signed up to a daily news feed from Google, have a weekly update for some keyword searches in Google Scholar, receive a monthly update from the Ministry of Education library, get all the Academy of Management journals, hear about the webinars from the International Leadership Association, eMarketer, and Josh Bersin, subscribe to s+b and McKinsey, am signed up to a number of LinkedIn groups (though, over the past eight months, I am finding these less and less useful), and have regular updates from a range of MOOCs: edX, FutureLearn, Udemy and Coursera. Oh, and TED talks.

Of course, I am subscribed to HBR blog as well. Just not 'only'.

While my membership of the Academy of Management and the International Leadership Association and the Career Development Association give me access, the rest of these great sources don't cost me anything.

And the range is spectacular.


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