Monday, 4 July 2016

Productivity gains from talking it in

If you have to do a lot of keyboarding, and, if like me you are not a touch typist, purchasing a single user copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking from Amazon, downloading it and installing it on your PC will improve your productivity by five times.

When I keyboard, I type around 40 words per minute. 

When I use Dragon, I will speak around 200 words per minute. That's where I get my productivity gain, by a factor of five.

Dragon does take some "training". You can't simply start to use it "out-of-the-box": it has to learn your accent, common words, and phrasing. You also have to learn the commands for punctuation, and layout.

It takes time to learn to work together well.

However, that time as well invested, once you get to the point of writing 200 words per minute.

It makes blog posting very easy; it helps my flow with my marking, as well as getting five times as many assignments marked in the same time as I would've typed them.


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