Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Digital Career Collective

I get together with a few like-minded career practitioners for a chat once a month online.  We meet on Google Hangouts and have a conversation about new digital tools and happenings in career practice.

These very unstructured conversations are evolving into sessions that expose us to new issues, new practice, new theory and new digital media ideas.

After each of the meetings that we have had over the last five months, I have come away and written at least two blog posts. The writing alone shows me that by just connecting with these guys they are providing me with inspiration.

It is not simply the tools that we talk about that add the value. It is also the opportunity to speak with others about ideas that are occurring to us, about how we create utility for others, and about how we show others the benefit of career practice as a field, and as a profession.

It is starting me thinking about how we lead and create value in career development here in Aotearoa.

I am hopeful that the conversations we have will grow to something of immense worth.


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