Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Export the file names in a folder

If for any reason, you want to export Windows file names within a file folder, along with their creation dates, it is surprisingly easy.

Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder you want the contents of. Simply right-click the folder, while holding down the Shift key.

That will pop you up an extended right-click menu. from this menu, select Open command window here.

This command opens a command window. directly after your folder name, key dir > printit.txt, then key Enter (that's without any spaces in the command line, by the way).

A file named printit.txt will appear in the folder that you wanted to export the file names from. you can export this MS Excel if required, by importing the data and settings the column widths.

As I keep an Excel spreadsheet of my research files, a periodic export of the file folder allows me to check whether I have the items in my spreadsheet that I have in the folder itself.

It allows a very easy and simple check.


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