Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What do my PC fonts look like?

Ever wanted to know what fonts are installed on your PC, and what they look like? TechRepublic's Ed Bott posted a way to see all the installed fonts on your PC, using some Windows hot keys and commands (10 August 2016):

1. Windows key & R to open the Run box
2. Key the command "shell:fonts"

This will the open the Control Panel fonts page, which has an con for each font family. You can double-click the family icons to see the individual fonts, with sample previews.

However, that will only show you installed fonts, not those on your PC which you have not yet installed.

You tend to run into problems on Windows PCs when you have more than 500 fonts installed, sso many of us keep our installed fonts quite low, only adding in specialty fonts when we need them.

To see all the fonts on your computer, you need a little piece of freeware called "PrintMyFonts". This piece of kit will show you all the fonts saved on your computer, whether they are installed will not. You can also compare what each font will look like using a sentence of your own. The software can be downloaded from here.

The one downside of PrintMyFonts is that you can't install fonts using this piece of software - you can only view what they look like, and export a document of all fonts on your PC, so that you can view it at any time when you're looking for a particular font. However you can use it to navigate to where the font file is saved on your PC, and install it from the folder.



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