Monday, 26 December 2016

Replace Many File Extensions Together

Did you know that Windows has the ability to change a whole range of file extensions all at once?

I have looked for this feature year after year, and never found it. But Ed Bott, from TechRepublic, posted the definitive 'how to' earlier this year.

He said "If you want to change the file extension for a group of files, for example, you can type ren *.jpeg *.jpg and be done in a flash". But you have key that change into the Command window (you remember: that old DOS window).

You get to the command window in your desired folder by opening Windows/File Explorer, and going "to the folder that contains the files and subfolders you want to manage, then hold down Shift as you right-click. Select Open Command Window Here from the shortcut menu."

Oh, so easy!


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