Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How to get a Transcript from YouTube

This article is a how to on how to get a transcript of an uploaded .mp4 file from YouTube, using Windows freeware.

I put this article together as a "how to" for my year three research students.

First (of course) you must create your recording. Most of us will record an .mp3 file.

But we can't upload an mp3 file to YouTube. It needs to be an .mp4. 

To transform your .mp3 file into an .mp4, I suggest you download Windows MovieMaker. You will need to check which version you need here, and you can then download directly from the link on the page.

Install MovieMaker.  

Open MovieMaker. Drop an image into MovieMaker and extend the time to 30 seconds in the Edit tab, under "Duration". Copy this extended image as many times as you need for the length of your .mp3 file.

Now go to the home tab, and move your cursor back to the start of your images (usually Ctrl & Home will work). Once your cursor line is right at the start of your project, click the "Add music" dropdown, and select "Add music at the current point..." option.

Navigate to where your transcript .mp3 file is. Wait while your file loads. Check that your .mp3 file ends before your images (otherwise your transcript will be incomplete).

Go to the file tab and select "Save movie" and "For high definition display". Wait while your .mp4 is made.

Once your file is completed, upload it to your YouTube account as a "Private" file (so no-one other than you can see it, and YouTube won't index it).

Then all you need to do is to wait for YouTube to create an auto transcript, which it does for everything that is uploaded. 

You access your transcript by clicking the "more" and the ellipsis (the three dots, "…") under the video link, then selecting the transcript option from the pop-up menu.

The words of the transcript will show underneath that, which you can then copy (using Ctrl & C), and paste the transcript into MS Word. 

You can also watch a video of this at:

There are also more instructions tidying up your transcript here


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  1. Small update: as software has changed, there are now other YouTube options. Check David Pogue's "How to make YouTube transcripts" at if the above doesn't quite work.


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