Friday, 30 December 2016

When Android Autocorrect goes bad

I posted an solution this year to correct an over-active Word Autocorrect entry that you can’t seem to delete.

That post sparked a question from a fellow-LinkedInner, who asked: "Hmmmm. I haven't had a problem in Word, but I do have issues with my (dated) Android mobile ... Any tips on how to delete words from that, Sam?"

Darn good question!

I had a quick hunt online, found a rough outline of a solution, checked on my phone and replied: "Open your keyboard in a message. Hold down the microphone key just to the left of the spacebar, and when an icon with sliders shows up, let go. You will get a pop-up that says 'Input options' and it will give you two options. Select 'Android keyboard settings' from those options, then see if you can find a 'Personal dictionary' tab. Select, then select your language, then look for the word you want. Change/delete. Lemmeno if it works!".

I sent the response, then had a brief crisis of confidence, because Android OSs - despite all being Android - are not necessarily QUITE the same, and this solution was for KitKat! So I posted an addendum, "Oh - should have said - or look for things with similar titles. Not all Android is made the same!".

If you have predictive text enabled, you should also be able to 'long press' on the incorrect auto-correct entry word, then select your required option from the pop-up menu; eg, edit, or delete from dictionary... but this will depend on your particular Android OS and build.


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