Monday, 26 June 2017

SurveyMonkey tip: Using Nicknames

When we create surveys using SurveyMonkey, we will often need to have two titles.

One title is for our survey participant, which will appear on each page of our survey. Think of this as our marketing title. It needs to make sense from the end user's point of view. For example, a piece of research I have done with a colleague is entitled:

Survey Title: NMIT Student Recruitment & Screening Survey

The second title we are also going to need is a file name to will help us manage and identify each survey. If our SurveyMonkey account is a company account, we are best to have a naming protocol that helps us identify who owns each survey, when it was created, and when it should be destroyed. I set up a naming convention for NMIT's research questionnaire file titles, as follows:

[Course code] [Year][semester letter]* [Your Surname] [Short title for your survey] ([Destroy by Year][semester letter])

We simply replace the square brackets and content with our information. For example:

File Name: MGT737 2017a Young ATS Research Project (do not delete)

However, SurveyMonkey doesn't make it obvious that we can create two titles.

But to do it, all we need to do is to go into our survey design, click the title field, click edit, click the "Add a nickname" tickbox; then enter our file name, using a sensible naming protocol. To view a quick video on how to do this, go here:

Using two titles makes managing surveys much easier.


* The semester letter is 'a' for semester one, 'b' for semester two, 'c' for summer semester.

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