Monday, 23 April 2018

Getting rid of duplicate rows in Excel

I use a lot of spreadsheets, as I find the very useful. One spreadsheet I use daily to log all my journal articles in, which contains more than a decade's worth of data. However, I recently noticed a couple of double-ups, and was sure there would be an easy way to spot them. I went to Google find out.

Sure enough, there was an easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy way to eliminate duplicates. All we need to do is:
  • Highlight the cells - or the whole spreadsheet - we want to search
  • On the Ribbon, click on the Home tab | Conditional Formatting | Highlight Cells Rules | Duplicate Values.
  • In the Duplicate Values dialogue box, click "OK" to find duplicate values. We can also specify how we want our duplicate values to show up (I decided to use a Custom format of a bright blue fill in all the duplicate cells).
  • Now all we need do is run through the rows and delete the items we no longer want.


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