Friday, 20 April 2018

How to view your systems information

In the old days, you could get all your computer system information out of a wee preinstalled shortcut on the start menu panel that your PC company had thoughtfully provided. It laid out all the specs for your PC and Windows software, including your chip set and so on. 

I went to find the system info again a while ago, but was unable to find it in the format that I remembered. So I gave up, intending to find out how to get to it again in the future… and forgot about it. However, an unrelated computer problem which I reported using online chat had an IT person give me the instructions to reconnect with this great piece of info. 

To find your system specifications:
  1. Key the Windows button + R
  2. The Run box will appear. Key "msinfo32" (without the quotes).
A dialogue box will appear with all your systems info on it :-)


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