Friday, 6 July 2018

Gmail & Google Calendar Hotkeys

I recently watched a TechRepublic webcast on shortcut commands which detailed some really useful hotkey commands for using Gmail and Google calendar (Detwiler, 25 April 2018). 

There are a couple of caveats on using these. Firstly, if some commands don't work, have a scout around in the settings to see if you have some conflicting options ticked. Secondly, some shortcuts won't work if you are inside a field. So ensure you have focus on the window, but aren't clicked into anything in particular.

The list of commands for each are below:

J -  next converation
K - previous conversation
O - open conversation (at cursor)
X - select conversation (not open)
C - Compose new message
# - Delete selected message
U - Go back to previous list
R - Reply
A - Reply all
F - Forward
Shift I/U - Mark as read/unread
Tab - move through fields
Google Calendar
C - open full event screen
Q - open quick add box1 - single day view
2 - single week view
3 - single month view
4 - 4 week view
5 - Schedule view
J - next period in set view
K - previous period in set view


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