Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Google Photo & Album count

I use Google photos to back up all my images. It is a great service, as well as being a superb way to ensure that you have all your images even if your phone gets run over by a truck.

Having been on holiday recently, I created some Google photo albums to share with those who were on holiday with me. While knowing I had taken quite a lot of photos, I tried to work out how many photos I had actually taken.

I was surprised to see that there appears to be no count within Google photos at all. Even more alarmingly, there also appears to be a limit on albums of 2,000 images... but how would you know you were even close if you can't get an image count?

However, thanks to Jamie (28 December 2018), I now know there is a way to sneakily get a count through Google Dashboard:
  • Go to your Google Dashboard here (
  • Then click on the Photos tab. It will expand
  • Clicking on the albums will show you all the albums you have and number of images in each.
It is simplicity itself, once you know how

Why on earth this function is not inside Google photos itself is beyond me.


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