Wednesday, 12 February 2020

TechRepublic's list of Excel tips

TechRepublic has great, clearly presented tips on using Excel. Lisa Hornung and Jewell Conner of TechRepublic have just posted a list with links to the underlying 'How To" articles, which contain the following list of great efficiency tools:
  1. How to add a drop-down list to an Excel cell
  2. How to average unique values in Excel the easy way
  3. How to combine Excel's VLOOKUP() function with a combo box for enhanced searching
  4. 3 quick and easy ways to summarize Excel data
  5. How to use the new Excel Lookup function
  6. How to evaluate the last rows in a changing data set in Excel
  7. How to change an Excel conditional format on the fly
  8. A quick way to delete blank rows in Excel
  9. How to password protect an Excel workbook
  10. Entering leading zeroes in Excel
  11. Use Excel to calculate the hours worked for any shift
  12. Copy an Excel sheet from one workbook to another
  13. Use a custom format in Excel to display easier to read millions
  14. How to transfer data from Word forms to an Excel worksheet
  15. How to suppress 0 values in an Excel chart
  16. How to find duplicates in Excel
  17. Two ways to build dynamic charts in Excel
  18. How to use named ranges to quickly navigate an Excel workbook
  19. How to combine formulas with Excel's data validation and a Word Replace trick
  20. How to use Excel's border options by creating a simple floor plan
Check out the list and the links here.



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