Friday, 1 May 2020

Whakatauki: He waka eke noa

Ah, the Covid-19 pandemic. If there was ever a need for a Whakatauki, this has to be it.

And this is my selection for the crisis: He waka eke noa. This is perfect because we are indeed all in the waka together, and there are no exceptions.

Woodward suggests that how this works in practice is when "a group of you are going to the movies but one of them doesn't have any money so wouldn't be able to go along. You can say he waka eke noa, meaning you will pay as you are all in one group and it would not be the same if they were to miss out" (2020).

It shows how we care for each other and support each other as Whanau, as a community.

Tough times should remind us of just how important he waka eke noa is.


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