Friday, 4 December 2020

Forward dating Blogger posts

I have an interesting problem with the new version of Blogger. I permanently show two blog posts at the top of my blog roll. At the top is my "Welcome" post, and in second place is an advice to potential contributors.

In the old blogger, to keep those posts at the top of my blog roll, I would simply publish each article, then re-date them a year ahead so they always show at the top. However, Google has just moved everyone to an updated version of Blogger, and the forward dating function appears to no longer be available. It seems that posts will only appear after the scheduled date.

While I tried in both Firefox and Chrome, I was unable to date a post ahead and save it. I could set the date, but when I tried to save, it gave me a message "The publish date of an already published post cannot be set in the future". <sigh>
This meant that come 31 December this year, I would be unable to keep my two 'pinned' posts at the top of my blog roll. I posted on the Google Community, asking for a fix, but have not yet had an answer.

In the meantime, I went looking for a solution, or a work around.

And I found a work around from 9JAEDUBLOG (3 October 2020), although I don't know how long the link to the legacy format will last. We can access the 'legacy' Blogger by copying our blogger ID into the following black text in this URL:
Simply replace the red x's with our blogID. Save the shortcut, and we can use the legacy view once more :-)



  1. Thanks for the back link and credit..

    CEO - 9jaedublog

    1. Cheers, Mbah Chinedu - and thanks SO MUCH for the initial tip!

  2. Yes. Your opinion is right. Blogger change more setting, As a result is not good for making any site.

    1. Kia ora site de recontre, Yes, I agree. It seems to me that Google may have decided that they will - piece by piece - retire Blogger.


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