Monday, 15 February 2021

Exoterica is esoteric

In an earlier post (here), I tried to find a word to cover "stating the obvious", and settled on the term "self-evident". However, that phrase was an interim solution, as it did not really give me a clear, crisp word for the act of 'stating the obvious'. I felt that there must be one.

However, since the earlier post, I have found that there appears to be a Greek term for this, defined as:
exoterica (eks-ə-TER-i-ka) — noun: writing, facts, or principles that are widely known (Back of the Cereal Box, 13 February 2011).

Exoterica is the antonym of esoterica. Something that is esoteric is arcane, specialised, or secret knowledge. In-speak, perhaps. Hush-hush.

OK: now I know the name of the term, my job should be done, right? Except no one else will know what this means. Here we have a term about common knowledge, which is not common knowledge. Crikey.

My exoterica term is esoteric!



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