Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Problem with uploads

For the last two weeks I have been having problems with uploading files to the cloud on my Windows 10 PC. Where once I would upload a student interview video and it would upload in 15 minutes, now the upload time would slowly tick out to an hour, or two, and then the upload would fail.

This was very frustrating, and caused a number of delays in working with my students. Files up to 50Mb would upload, but files greater than that would not. I ended up converting my Zoom recordings to sound files in the meantime, as they were smaller than 50Mb, until a solution to the problem was found.

I initially thought it was our internet connection, but after the technicians came out and investigated, we found it was not that. We tried many things, including three different browsers, and several different types of cloud storage. After much experimenting, we realised that it was only my PC which was affected. Other phones, tablets and laptops performed OK. The technicians gave up, as it was no longer their area. 

Turning to my PC, we realised that the problem appeared to arise after a Windows update was auto-installed so may have been a changed setting related to one of Security updates for Microsoft Windows KB4598242; KB4586876; or KB4598481. My husband ended up finding a setting within the Ethernet settings which seemed to solve the problem, despite not really appearing to have anything to do with the security updates, or the internet settings.

The solution? Unticking the connection option "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)" in the Ethernet properties allowed me to upload again. This is not normally a problem. It is usually ticked. However, it may be that something behind this setting may have been changed with one of the Windows 10 updates (KB4598242, KB4586876, or KB4598481) which has had a knock on effect in throttling my upload speeds, or in limiting the size of upload files, or in timing out an upload.

I still have no idea why this unticking has restored my uploads: I am only grateful to have the facility back! However, I thought I would post this here in case anyone else has had a similar problem. The instructions to reset are shown in the attached image.


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