Wednesday, 11 August 2021

How to set an auto updating year in Word

There is one thing that irks me about MS Word, and that is how difficult it is to create an auto-updating year on documents. I often want the simplicity of a year. I rarely need a day, a date, or  a month. But finding how to do this is tricky!

It is not one of the standard Insert | Date options.

However, with a bit of jiggery pokery, it can be done, as follows:

  1. Open your Word document
  2. Navigate to where you want to date to appear
  3. Key Ctrl and F9. This inserts a set of field brackets (curly brackets). 
  4. Click between the brackets, and key: DATE \@ "yyyy" 
  5. Then key F9. This will update the field, and turn your date into the year.
Too, too easy: but only when you know how.


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