Friday, 24 December 2021

Adding undo to File Explorer

Have you ever had that ghastly sinking feeling when you have gone to rename one file and realised that you have inadvertently selected every file in the folder? The Argh moment where you realise that in Windows, File Explorer has no "Undo? button? And you can't remember the shortcut keys to undo?

Then this is the post for you!

I have two quick reminders. Firstly, the undo command is:

Ctrl & Z

Emblazon it on your memory! (though I must admit, in that brain-freeze moment when we do something like this, it is probably not going to stick. A post-it note on the bottom of our screens might help though!).

The next tip is to add an undo command icon to the Quick Access Toolbar in File Explorer. Click the dropdown beside the small arrow on the top left-hand corner of File Explorer, and simply add Undo and Redo from the customisation menu. Too easy.


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