Friday, 3 December 2021

If Aotearoa was a village

Statistics New Zealand published an infographic on data derived from the 2018 census data (2019), showing the population of Aotearoa as it would be if we were a village of 100 people. It is a very interesting insight as to how our national profile is slowly developing into something more unique.

The statistics are also presented on the page in narrative form, but, when comparing the two, it becomes clear just how sticky the infographic is when compared to the text, as you can see below (Statistics New Zealand, 2019).

While we can read all the population statistics we would like, the idea of a village of 100 is a very visible and digestible construct. I hope that this presentation of data might be updated following each census so we have comparability of data sets. Of course, by 2023, Statistics New Zealand may have already moved onto AI development of infographic animated video... but hopefully they would do a video-retrospective of past data.

We will then be able to better see the slow evolution of our society over time.



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