Thursday, 31 October 2013

15 Photos you SHOULDN'T use on LinkedIn

I recently read a post by careers blogger Bob McIntosh. He listed fifteen terrible things you could do with photography to derail your LinkedIn profile.

The trouble is, Bob didn't show pictures. So I have put his list alongside some Google Image LinkedIn examples - many from MarketingProfs and Andrew McCarthy - for all of us to chortle over, then rush off and check our own image :-)

The fifteen things were (in no particular order, and using Bob's words as captions):

The action shot of someone in his office, playing touch football, or climbing rocks, etc
The photo of an orangutan. Let’s be serious.

The false representation photo of a person 10 years earlier should be a crime.
The “I’m taken off guard” photo with cinder block background. This does wonders…for a prison shot.
The plain ole poor quality, like a blurry photo that appears to be taken with a Polaroid
The family portrait. Whose profile is it anyways, yours or your wife and children?
The selfie taken with a cell phone gives the amusement park mirror effect
The dating scene photo is one of my favorites. Not. Beautiful women and handsome men are great for dating sites, not LinkedIn
The under water effect–this person looks like she’s literally under water.
The “Look, I’m working” photo with the office wall in the background looks like the person is trying too hard
The half smile or downright frown photo. Hey, people are drawn to happy people
The bad-ass look, shades and all. This I’ve seen and wondered if the guy was in a gang.
The company logo. There’s a LinkedIn company page for that.
The photo with the person riding his Harley.
The purple face or red-eye photo. I’ve seen this and thought there’s no way a person’s face can be purple like this
And one of the ones that Bob missed: the I am having FAR TOO MUCH fun photo and look like I should be in a porn movie
Check out Andrew McCarthy & the MarketingProfs work below as well: they illustrate their writing and have other REALLY great examples of what not to do :-)

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