Friday, 4 March 2016

Lemon Moves from LinkedIn

I read a very interesting comment by Doris Schweppe on a LinkedIn thread recently.

The group statistics were a great function for the group managers. They provided health statistics which helped group owners ensure that their groups flourished (read more on the stats here). However, LinkedIn axed group statistics functions in a round of changes made in June 2015.

Narendra Babu posted a thread request to the LI Group Moderator Community group, asking how he could now find the statistics for the LI groups which he manages.

Doris replied "stats are no longer available because it would be too easy for Wall Street investors to see/track and measure the decline of LI groups, lack of time-on-site and the decline of overall page views across the LI platform--which are very important data points for how LI is priced as a publicly traded stock".

Doris's reply struck me as being a stellar insight. I had not thought about the statistics showing trends which could be interpreted by stock brokers, and therefore affecting the listed price of LI's stock.

It is a darn good point.



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