Friday, 2 November 2018

I write, therefore I am

Three years ago I decided that my blog strategy would be to write posts as I came by the inspiration, but to schedule those posts so that they were released three times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, regardless of when I wrote them. This means that when I get busy, I don’t have to be frantically writing on top of everything else.

When I write - over summer and in the mid-winter break, usually - I draw from an idea bank which is a mix of partially constructed posts which I have saved as a draft post (with a title, a few guiding words and some links) in my blog management system, or - especially if I am away - in 750words. I have blogged about 750words before (read those posts here), which I use to help me develop my writing habit a little bit at a time, every day.

At the beginning of the new academic year, I may have three months of posts scheduled and circling in holding pattern. While I do write throughout the year, I can't keep up with posts going live, so scheduled posts steadily deplete. By the start of the next summer break I may only have one or two posts left, and need to focus on completing drafts and writing up banked ideas. While I may at times have been writing posts one behind the next one scheduled, I have kept to my current three-posts-a-week pattern since May of 2015.

I write for myself. This means that my blog lacks focus, as I write on a broad variety of topics. This is not the normal blogging pattern, and - as all the experts say - is not a strategy designed for fame and fortune through reaching and tuning into to a particular audience. 

Writing is a process that I enjoy. I am a knowledge magpie, and will sometimes simply write to clarify my own thoughts. Some posts are simply 'notes to self' or a banked idea for how to fix something that has broken. Some posts are client-informative; some are student-informative. I write on leadership, on self-leadership, and on learning... and on anything which takes my fancy, really.

I write, and send my writing into the ether. And sometimes people comment to say they like what I have written, which is nice.


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