Monday, 14 January 2019

Rotating Blogger images

Recently I was writing up some family news for another wee blog that I have, when I realised that some of my images were loading upside down, or rotated by 90 degrees. Many images are automatically rotated to their correct orientation, but some were persistently skew-whiff. 

In the past I have simply gone out, rotated the image, and re-uploaded.

And then I thought: surely there is a way to code images so they rotate within the post... so I googled it. Sure enough, there was a way, by the simple addition of "-r90", "-r180", or "r-270" to the image string in the html window. This little instruction gets inserted with the display size, so your text might read:

I had not expected it to be so utterly easy. But it was.

NB: you may need to also tweak the display size, if it is specified in the string


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