Monday, 15 November 2021

Motivational interviewing illustrators

I think of motivational interviewing as creating change where there is currently uncertainty. It has been formally defined by the theory founders as "a collaborative conversation style for strengthening a person’s own motivation and commitment to change" (Miller & Rollnick, 2013, p. 24). To create that change, we 'nudge' our clients through the use of open, non-judgemental questions, and the use of a lot of reflection back to the client to check in with what the client is saying. I will do another post about motivational interviewing. 

This time I show two old videos which still - despite their age - illustrate motivational interviewing (does the dentist reminds you of Phoebe from Friends as well?!). First we see the 'how not to do it' video, then secondly, how it could work, with nudges, while allowing the person their own autonomy.

First, watch how we may 'tell' our client what they are doing 'wrong' (MerloLab, 2009):

Second, we look instead at how we might 'ask' our client about what they are doing, allowing advice arise from a conversation (MerloLab, 2009):

This is a fascinating illustration of how motivational interviewing works. 



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