Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Need the Windows product key?

This has got to be the best way of finding our Windows product key ever. Simply hit the Windows key, and enter "Product key" in the search box. Then click the link which appears, "View your product ID" (drsklds, 6 August 2021, in reply to Kaelin, 2 August 2021).

This is by far the easiest way I have ever found to get this information out of a Windows system.

How did I find this? I read an article which promised to show us where our product ID was. None of the three methods supplied actually worked as delivered (though the last one helped me to find where in the system my product key was likely to be buried by following a few other options). However, it was a comment underneath the article which provided this golden tip (drsklds, 6 August 2021, in reply to Kaelin, 2 August 2021). 

I am still gobsmacked about the ease of this.


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