Friday, 24 August 2018

Google Trends

Oo - I have rediscovered a lost toy! 

For those of you who thought that Google Trends was no longer available, you can have the same excited happy dance I did! Still based on global Google searches, now we can simply go to and enter our search term. 

We can search by a single nation, by a time range, or by region to get a graph, a global itensity map or ranking. We can compare two or more terms over time. For example, the image illustrating this post is the result of a global search on 'gender diversity' from the start of the data (ie, 2004 to present), which can be viewed here.

We can download the data as a .csv file and then create a graph from it, post a link to social media, or embed html code of the Google Trends graph we filtered (unless you are using the Google Blogger platform, as, for some reason, that won't link!). Just note that a linked graph will not update. 

A fabulous little tool for researchers and curious folks!


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